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Who We Are

Caring Hearts Advocates Inc. (CHA) is an advocacy organization that supports clients ages 2-20 that have mental health issues. Founded in 2016, the CHA mission is to provide life skills, support services, and health wellness to youth ages 2-20. Caring Hearts Advocates fulfills this purpose through life skills, training, research, advocacy, health wellness and community based services and programs on issues of health, education, and economic empowerment in the Washington D.C. area and in Africa. CHA is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt nonprofit organization.

Our Method at Caring Hearts Advocates translates its philosophy of mental health awareness, community service, and advocacy into activities designed to promote the productive life of clients with mental health disabilities.

The benefits for our clients include:

- Disseminating information about issues affecting mental health clients and their families
- Promoting healthy lifestyles and wellness programs
- Preparing for future employment through life skills


learning life skills and health awareness

Caring Hearts' mission is to teach youth how to stimulate their minds by utilizing life skills to prepare young adults for careers and health awareness.


building a future

Our goal is to provide training and support to parents and instill life skills to youth to prepare young adults for employment opportunities and future independence. Most importantly, we want to ensure that all youth and young adults have the same opportunity to compete in the 21st Century, be able to communicate effectively and have a productive life.


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Iman Said Treasurer/Website Manager
Carine Meillon Secretary
Dr. Julie Kinuma Vice Chair, Outreach, Communications Committee
Bernadette Denis Chair, Outreach, Communications Committee
Nicole N'gambwa Special Representative in Rwanda