How We Help ... In the United States

Provide Respite Care to Children with Mental Illness and Physical Disability by Helping Their Parents Care for Them

Caring Hearts Advocates will provide respite care for disabled children in their homes. It will be provided by professionals who, while the parents are attending to important matters of the family life, will care for these children.

From experience and after talking with parents who live with disabled children, it was proven that the parents who have to deal with the hassles of life and on top of that deal with the complicated life of a disabled child or children, tend to become depressed. Under normal circumstances we all face enormous challenges such as taking care of our homes, children and work. Parents of disabled children face the same challenges plus the emotional stress of caring for the challenged children, that is, taking them to the doctors, hospital, therapist, washing them and dressing them and feeding them for those who are totally dependent, spending nights without sleep because they have seizure, lifting them in and out of the wheel chair, all these cause the parents to break down and sometime fall into depression. Respite care is the only solution that could alleviate this problem.

In providing respite care for the disabled child we are making it possible for the parent/parents to go to work with less worry because they know they are leaving their child in the hands of a professional. We are making it possible for the parents to go to functions or invitations, to church, to the hair dresser/barber, to family gatherings, to the grocery store, to the gym and to care properly for the other siblings who equally need the care of their parents, etc.

The Cost of respite care will be the same as the cost to employ a nurse, between $20 and $30 per hour. Respite care will be provided in-home for the whole day, for a few hours and at night time or whenever they are needed by appointments or for daily chores. Because in this situation the rich and the poor suffer the same way, all high, middle or low income parents will qualify for this service.

Help Middle and Low Income Families with Children with Disabilities Navigate the Health Care System in Order for Them to Get the Copayments They Can't Afford on Equipment, Hospital Bills and Medication

In the United States, especially in Montgomery County (MD), there are many programs that benefit disabled children in terms of hospitalization, equipment and medication which are sometimes paid fully but not well known to the middle and low income families, Caring Hearts Advocates will provide services to help these families navigate through the health care system and direct them to the right services that will provide them with assistance they need.

How We Help ... IN AFRICA

Medical Treatment, Training and Education for children with disabilities and to provide Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy

Caring Hearts' main purpose will initially be to provide medical treatment and appropriate therapy for the different conditions such as cerebral Palsy, seizures, developmental problems, emotional problems and other medical conditions and physical disabilities. For formal education, the main disabling factor is either mild intellectual disability or severe specific learning disability. Caring Hearts Advocates plans to enroll children with multiple disabilities from K through ages 21 in specialized schools with the main focus on maximizing independence through progressive academic and work activities.

Train and Educate Staff Members and Volunteers to Become Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapists and Nurses who can Work with Aveh Umurerwa Center in Rwanda. Finance Disabled Children's Education

The caretakers at the Aveh Umurerwa Center are not trained professionals. Caring Hearts' objective is to help train enough therapists that will provide professional services to the disabled children at the Center. This will be accomplished through organized trips of Professional Therapists and Doctors who will be visiting the Center at least twice a year. Caring Hearts would also help qualified individuals to come to the United States or anywhere else in the world to study and after completion of their studies go back home to serve Aveh Center. Caring Hearts envisages to train Professionals who could train other people in house.

Provide Equipment, Medication and Products for Hygiene and Financial Assistance to Maintain the Center

Equipment, medication and products for hygiene could also be donated and shipped to the Center in Rwanda or be carried by Therapists when they go on mission trips. Caring Hearts also would also raise money to buy these items. Most importantly CHA would engage in fundraising to cover the cost to maintain the center and support administrative costs. Caring Hearts Advocates plans to build an adequate facility that could accommodate more disabled children in the future.

Provide Training and Counseling to the Parents of Disabled Children

Africa faces a silent crisis in the area of mental illness and physical disability on the one hand because of the culture that refuses to expose these conditions and on the other hand because of poverty and lack of appropriate treatment. CHA has vowed to break the silence by reaching out to parents of the disabled children and their entire communities by teaching them that there is no shame in seeking help for their loved one that faces such challenges and making them understand that disable children also can live independent and productive lives if proper care is provided to them. CHA can accomplish all these by engaging in rigorous fundraising activities, through grants, and seeking funding through private corporations.



Cecile Umunyana, Director of the Center, and CHA's Nicole N'gambwa.