Carine Meillon

Aimée Carine Meillon moved to the United States with her parents over 20 years ago. Being from abroad, she has always been interested and connected with the world which led her to study of international business, and subsequently, working for an international organization. She enthusiastically became involved in Caring Hearts Advocates from the inception when she realized how critical it is for disabled children in need and their caregivers. Always wanting to help, it was the perfect opportunity for Ms. Meillon to give back to the community and also actually see and live this important work that we are about to do. She is looking forward to helping this much needed endeavor get off the ground and watch it grow into a great advocacy group that will not only help and educate people, but also inspire nations all over the world to have such structures. Her hope is that our Caring Hearts Advocates, Inc. brings those children and their families out of the shadows of shame and rejection into the light and watch them thrive.

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