A World of Care

Too many children in our world are faced with a crisis of mental illness and physical disability. They need your help to ensure that they have the same opportunity as healthy children to compete in the 21st Century, enabling them to communicate effectively and live healthy, productive lives. Caring Hearts Advocates needs your donations to help provide health solutions and wellness programs for these disabled youth, as well as instill life skills in young adults to prepare them for employment and future independence. We also plan to provide families and caregivers with mental health awareness, community services, and advocacy through activities designed to give these children the chance they deserve to live a productive and healthy lifestyle. Won't you help to open the door to the future for these children in the U.S. and Africa?

They need
your help
to survive!

Your donations will help solve so many problems and open the door to the future for these children.

In the next two years we plan to ->

In Africa, specifically in Rwanda at the Aveh Umurerwa Center -

  • Medical Treatment, Training and Education for Children with Disabilities and to Provide Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy
  • Train and Educate Staff Members and Volunteers to Become Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapists and Nurses Who Can Work with Aveh Umurerwa Center in Rwanda. Finance Disabled Childrens' Education
  • Provide Equipment, Medication and Products for Hygiene and Financial Assistance to Maintain the Center
  • Provide Training and Counseling to the Parents of Disabled Children

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In the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area-

  • Provide Respite Care to Children with Mental Illness and Physical Disability by Helping Their Parents Care for Them
  • While numerous government and local agencies already assist with healthcare, Caring Hearts Advocates will focus on helping these families navigate the healthcare and assistance system.

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Special Caring Hearts Advocates projects:

The proceeds will be used to help children with mental and physical disabilities at Avey Umurerwa in Nyamata, Rwanda.
This was such a successful event! Attendees included the Ambassadors' wives of Mozambique and Namibia and some members of the medical community in the Washington Metropolitan area. Soon Caring Hearts Advocates will be part of the Non Profit Village, where it will have its office. We were honored to welcome the Executive Director of the Non Profit Village, Mrs Kim Jones, at this function.

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September 22, 2017
The venue: Silver Spring Civic Building at Veterans Plaza, One Veterans Place, Silver Spring MD 20910.
A purposeful event aimed at supporting mental health patients.